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9 Star Ki (or 9 Ki) is a way of observing social phenomena from an energetic perspective based on Nature’s growing cycle. 9 Star Ki can be compared to Oriental Diagnosis both for individual movement and social patterns. There are 1 year individual cycles, and 9 year social cycles. The individual years generally begin on February 4th and end on February 3rd.

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A Recap of Last Year

Last year, I shared an interpretation for 2017 from a 9 Star Ki perspective, which you can read and compare here ( This year, we are moving into a 9 Purple Fire year. We are also transitioning from a 3 Light Green Tree cycle (2009-2017) into a 2 Black Soil cycle (2018-2026).

In my interpretations last year, I did not think to include the properties of water that relate to sex. The nature of water is to join with other water, and people tended to join together with one voice. We have seen during this white water year many things as they relate to sex and relations come to the surface, and from many different people, not just Hollywood. The natural balance with the independence of water is in making connections with others.

The following interpretations are for general 9 Fire. An individual’s experience of the year depends on each person’s basic, or first, number in 9 Star Ki.

Last year was a 1 year. 1 as a number contains great power inside and gentler energy on the surface. In the 1 year, many things happened behind the scenes and sometimes in the unknown. In transitioning between these two years, there will be a shift from the inward energy to outward and much more public. This change may bring many things to light, which may spark great passions.

9 Fire has great vitality and energy on the surface but coolness inside. The symbol of this 9 year is fire itself, which shines and likes to be seen, has great passion, is foresightful and honorable, but can also be fickle or changeable. The natural balance for 9 Fire is to think more of other people to avoid fire’s tendency for separation and abandonment at important times.

9 Purple Fire

-Time of great passion and expression
-Time of shining
-Time of fame or infamy, as past secrets come to the forefront
-Potential for separations or secessions
-Arguments and legal troubles might come to the forefront
-Self-interest without consideration of others might be quite strong
-Opportunities for rising and shining together, and for making important causes and issues known.

In following 9 Star Ki principles, it is important to not look at things too superficially, or act in fickle ways. Be aware of the nature of a flickering flame that is characteristic of a number 9 year. One of the keys to a successful year is to be less self-concerned and to more fully consider others.

2019 is a number 8 White Soil Year, which is about self-motivation, new ideas, and new directions. Whatever happens in 2018 will play an important part in the direction of 2019. What happens and changes during an 8 year (2019) will affect the next several years. It is very important to do things with careful consideration during 8 years.

2 Black Soil

In the larger sense, we enter a new 9 Star Ki nine-year period of 2 Black Soil. For the last two 9 year cycles (18 years) there was an emphasis on new beginnings and discoveries, the growth of things, reputation, being heard and direct expression, communicating, and also stirring things up. In this cycle, there will be major changes.

Everything associated with number 2 will come into power for the next nine years. 2 is associated with the earth, which nourishes all of us, and does not play favorites. 2 is particularly connected to the earth, to food, to steady development, service and to creating things for the future that nourish us all. The energy of this cycle is much more mature and settled, where there is a powerful creativity in it that can lead towards more creation or destruction.

Associations with number 2:
-the earth itself
-meticulous attention to detail

Further 9 Ki Interpretations

Women will gain more power and respect in society as being leading and guiding forces. All issues with food, agriculture, food quality will come more to the forefront. Macrobiotics will have the ability to unify as a community and usher forth the next stage of the macrobiotic movement. I am personally excited to see what unfolds during this time because there hasn’t been a number 2 cycle in the history of the macrobiotic movement or in my life.

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