Night Sky With Moon And Stars

I’d like to thank Dr. Neal Barnard for so much practical advice in his recent blog on sleep. I’d like to add a few tips that you may also find helpful.

Our sleep is regulated by our eating habits, diet, and activity. Sleep problems are the result of an imbalance in diet and activity. It’s understandable that sleep problems are common because overall we have poor eating habits, low-quality diets, and a lack of outdoor activity. In today’s world, the time we need to sleep is actually increasing as a result of poor diet and overexposure to electromagnetic pollution.

Tips for healthy sleep

—Stop eating three hours before bedtime
—Have a good balance of physical and mental activity
—Spend more time outdoors, especially in parks and natural settings
—Minimize use of televisions, cell phones, and computers before sleep
—Don’t watch disturbing news programs or television shows before going to bed
—Don’t keep a tv or computer in the bedroom
—Your bed is for reading, sleep, and sex only, not working, paying bills, or watching tv
—Have organic cotton bedclothes, sheets, pillowcases, linens, and comforters
—Keep the colors and textures in your room quiet and soft
—Keep green plants in your bedroom

Foods that interfere most with sleep (in overall diet)

—Too much liquid or sweets
—Animal foods, especially meat, poultry, eggs and hard cheese
—Hard baked goods and chips
—Salty foods