People often ask how long it will take to experience the benefits of their dietary and lifestyle improvements. It is easy to think that it will be quite some time until the benefits are felt. This is not the case. What we do today we experience tomorrow and the benefits accumulate day by day. This is how the process works.

During the day we are nourished and energized by the suns’ energy. We naturally feel more bright and energetic on sunny days. It is often hard do get going or be clear-minded on cloudy, humid days. The foods we eat during the day nourish us on physical, emotional and mental levels.

At night we are charged and nourished more by the energy from stars, planets and constellations. While we are sleeping we use the food consumed during the day to clean and maintain our body and restore our health. We also recharge our organs and nervous system using this celestial energy. Finally, before waking, we gather the physical and energetic excess from the foods we consumed during the previous day and try to eliminate this excess in the morning after we rise. This is the purpose of our morning stretching and bathroom routines. If we have a healthy diet and activity, our health is improved and renewed each day by this cleaning, recharging and detoxifying process. Healthy foods, activity and lifestyle practices help these processes to work efficiently.

When we start to create better eating habits and eat healthier foods we start to experience the benefits almost immediately. In my experience and observation we can start to see the benefits in two to three days. In our Intensive Seminars at the Strengthening Health Institute I observe these changes in people every time we hold a seminar. I am always careful to observe the changes in each participant each day. Even though I have seen this process occur thousands of times over the years, I never cease to be amazed. Seeing and experiencing these positive changes in people is one of the most amazing benefits of trying to teach others to have healthier lives.

What you eat today, becomes you tomorrow! Activity further charges and activates the energy and nourishment from healthy foods. This is why the combination of healthy food and activity is the most effective. It is the reason that any effort towards our health is worth the time. One meal a week, one day or the rest of our life.