When we live in a temperate climatic zone, it is best to choose daily foods that originate in the same or a similar climatic zone. For example, although potatoes and tomatoes are grown in North America, they originated in the Andes Mountains, in a tropical environment. Tropical foods are used more selectively than temperate foods.

Most perishable foods, those with a high water content that lose their freshness quickly, such as fruits and vegetables, are best grown or gathered as close to home as possible. Foods that can be stored for longer periods of time, such as sea salt, sea vegetables, well-aged pickles and fermented foods, grains and beans, can be chosen from further away. When we require foods that originate further from home, we choose those from east or west of where we are living, not from north or south where climatic differences are more dramatic. If we live in the Northern Hemisphere, it is important not to choose foods from the Southern Hemisphere. The magnetic charge which creates the basic structure of food is opposite in both hemispheres.

When we eat food from where we live or from places with similar climates, our lives come more into order. We feel more aligned and connected to our local environment. Many common diseases ranging from allergies and skin problems to heart disease and cancer can be improved by this and other simple practices. Strengthening Health Macrobiotics also brings more order to our lives. In these ways we can improve our health and the health of our world.