Boredom and frustration are very important causes of overeating. Emotional frustration can come from work or romance. If you are not satisfied with what you are doing in your life or in your relationships, or if you feel bored, then there is a natural tendency to overeat.

Essentially, overeating means either biological or emotional frustration. You try to compensate either biologically or emotionally for many different reasons. Therefore you have to take some steps to remedy that problem.

Overeating also comes from imbalanced nutrition, which comes not only from eating dry, baked foods but especially from refined, chemicalized foods. If you take white bread, white rice, white noodles and many refined flour products; if you take vitamins and mineral and seaweed supplements, you are going to make nutritional imbalances which will throw your appetite off.

The more supplements you take of any kind, the more complex the balance comes. Then it is an endless search trying to create a balance. The more you complicate your diet, the more difficult it becomes to find a balance. Food, on the other hand, is simple, and makes that process easier. Knowing how to get back to your center and creating a satisfying life are important ways to eat proper amounts of food.