According to an editorial in yesterday’s New York Times*, per capita meat consumption more than doubled in the last fifty years. It is expected to double again by 2050. To nourish farmed fish, pigs and poultry, small fish like sardines and menhaden are taken from the ocean. This upsets the food chain. Aquatic species depend on the small fish to live. Also, it takes three pounds of fish to produce one pound of farmed salmon. The author calls this unsustainable and a threat to the foundation of oceanic life. He concludes that “the real answers are support for sustainable agriculture in the developing world and encouraging healthy, less meat-based eating habits as a true sign of affluence everywhere.”

Strengthening Health macrobiotics offers a sensible answer. A meal is a grain and a separate vegetable dish. The standard American model of a meal is pizza or a hamburger. By practicing Strengthening Health Macrobiotics, we can improve conditions from heart disease to cancer and at the same time take care of our oceans and world.

* “New York Times editorial, The Protein Pyramid, November 10, 2008.”