We have a new employee at the SHI. We are very pleased to welcome Briel Driscoll, a recent graduate of Temple University. Briel has been working and volunteering here for a while and now will be working with Susan and I and with Garrett, in the office. 

As her first project, Briel introduces the SHI monthly potluck. These will be held on the first Saturday of every month, beginning Saturday, March 5th. They will start at five-thirty and end at nine-thirty. Please bring a macrobiotic, vegan dish to share and some friends. This event is free.

Other new activities will be introduced before long. 

We began a Strengthening Health Intensive yesterday, for intrepid students who don’t mind the snowstorm.

January 21-24, in Jacksonville, Florida, we will be giving a seminar and cooking classes. These are sponsored by Marlene Pendley, a graduate of the CCP. 

As for our house: nabe is always delicious in a snowstorm!