Macrobiotics is a traditionally based diet, not a traditional one. It is based on the traditional diets of the world’s long-standing cultures. Macrobiotics has its dietary roots in the Far East, Middle East, India, Eastern and Western Europe, Africa and the United Kingdom. We have combined the unique foods from each area along with the cooking styles that are appropriate to where we live.

Traditional Grains

The traditional grains of the United Kingdom; barley, oats and wheat, are regularly used in the standard macrobiotic diet. Sourdough from Europe is also frequently included. Couscous from the Middle East and North Africa, pasta from the Far East and Italy and corn from the Americas are more examples. Many traditional Japanese products are regularly or occasionally used.

When we practice strengthening health macrobiotics we improve health conditions ranging from obesity to heart disease to high cholesterol to depression. We also make a connection to nature, our ancestors and other places and times. Life is speeding up and it is valuable to maintain these connections. Through strengthening health macrobiotics we hope to strengthen the health of ourselves and our world.