Many foods in the modern diet have too much energy. They create an overactive condition inside. Chicken, tuna, eggs, cheese, chocolate and carbonated soft drinks are all very high-energy foods that are unbalancing people’s nutrition. If you recreate some of these high-energy foods into so-called healthy foods such as tofu cheesecake, you might change the quality slightly but not make them a lot better. Energy is energy. These foods combined with either over or under circulation affect our body’s ability to be nourished. Under circulation is evidenced by cold hands or feet or always being cold. Over circulation is seen when people are out in their t-shirts and shorts when it is still chilly and they think it feels great. Anything that is overactive for too long becomes exhausted. The process of aging is accelerated by our modern diet and lifestyle. Too many high-energy foods, including sugars, spices and chocolate, combined with cold foods, are the factors that interfere with our proper nourishment and our proper circulation.

When we practice the seven steps of Strengthening Health Macrobiotics, we naturally make more moderate choices for ourselves. In this way we keep our circulation more open and improve our ability to receive nourishment. We can improve conditions ranging from high blood pressure to obesity to cancer in this way. As our own health improves, so does our ability to help the world to have good circulation and health.