Anything that aids good digestion and good circulation helps our health.

Health is like a mountain spring, the right amount of water moving at a natural speed. If the source is pure, great. But even if the source is not pure, if it has the right kind of activity, it is still sparkling. It can purify itself. If water becomes deficient it slows down. It starts to putrefy if there isn’t enough power for active movement. If there is too much force behind it or if there is too much water, it becomes destructive.

Our bodies are the same. If we can have proper movement our body can constantly renew itself like a healthy mountain stream. The source doesn’t need to be pure for a mountain stream to be healthy and our nourishment doesn’t need to be perfect. We do need to have the ability to circulate. Activity is the pump, the circulator for our bodies.

Good Macrobiotic practice means good digestion, from beginninng to end of the process; good circulation; and good nourishment, both quality and quantity. Good health is the sum total of our nourishment, activity and circulation.

Practicing Strengthening Health Macrobiotics can improve practically any health condition you can imagine, from diabetes to heart disease to high blood pressure to cancer. Proper activity and circulation along with nourishment contribute to health. The Seven Steps, by Denny Waxman, aim to help ourselves, our families and our world to circulate naturally for good health.