Fran VermaI have a wonderful story. In June 2013, I was told I had a large septated cyst on my left ovary. In addition, my left fallopian tube was swollen, very painful, and causing fevers. My CA-125 levels were elevated and the cyst had enlarged to nine cm in just four months. My doctor suggested the removal of both my ovary and fallopian tube as this was the beginning of stage I ovarian cancer. Two other doctors recommended the same treatment. I knew I didn’t want to have surgery and thought I should give macrobiotics a try.

I had an appointment with Denny on July 3rd. He told me I had some serious reproductive problems, but that it was reversible! That was the first encouraging thing I had heard! He gave me specific instructions about what to eat and vegetable cocktails to drink in the morning and evening. He said to walk and rub my body with a washcloth every day. I followed all of his instructions to the letter.

After seven weeks, I went back to my doctor and asked if I could have another ultrasound and CA-125 blood test. He agreed and assured me that cancer does not go away. The ultrasound revealed that the large cyst had COMPLETELY disappeared! My fallopian tube was no longer swollen and my CA-125 level was normal! And as a fringe benefit, my cholesterol was down almost 100 points, my thyroid medication was reduced, and I lost 20 pounds. All in seven weeks! I feel happy and energetic and feel as though I can accomplish anything now! I’m very grateful to Denny for his advice in helping me heal myself.