A recent article from BBC News issued a report on a study done in New Zealand that measured the rates of aging within a group of subjects (between 26 and 38). They measured age through observing 18 different traits which included brain function, kidney function, gum health, and weight. Some aged regularly, that is their biological age was consistent with their chronological age. Some aged more slowly, and others biologically aged three times as quickly.

According to the CIA, The United States ranks 42nd/224 in the world for life expectancy. Even though we are told that we are living longer than ever, it is clear that we are not aging well. We are experiencing more degenerative illness and dementia at younger ages than ever before. The Strengthening Health approach to macrobiotic practice promotes health, vitality, and longevity. I’ve observed with most clients that over a short period of time after changing their diet and lifestyle, they begin to look and feel more vibrant, and recover a sense of excitement and hopefulness for life.

There are many factors which affect the aging process. In an unhealthy sense, the rate at which we age is influenced by excessive animal and dairy foods, heavily refined and chemicalized foods, and foods full of simple sugars. Other common accelerators include lack of contact with or extreme exposure to the natural environment, a sedentary lifestyle, excessive exposure to electromagnetic radiation, and constant feelings of stress and overwhelm. All of these accelerators are hallmarks of the modern diet and lifestyle. Unnatural things promote unnatural aging. The opposite is true for healthy aging and maturation.

The secret to keeping young in today’s society is to eat a varied, plant-based diet, have an active and orderly lifestyle, to pursue our unique dreams, to maintain a sense of adventure, and to enjoy life’s challenges. Diet and lifestyle determine our capacity for longevity. Macrobiotics has the perspective that we can grow and create our health throughout our whole life. Healthy aging is a natural process of growth, development, and maturity.

We are in control of our biological age. We can speed up, slow down, or even reverse the biological process of aging. It is neither a mystery nor a lottery how we age. Health is natural, and we all have the ability to age in whatever way we want.