Forest Bathing

Forest Bathing

It has been striking for me to compare the way spending time alone has changed over the course of my lifetime. It has become increasingly difficult for people today to give undivided attention to a daily activity. With so much media attention focusing on presence and mindfulness, being at peace with the moment may even feel like a chore for some. A recent article described a practice in Japan called “forest bathing,” where people hang out in the woods, and “let nature enter the body through all five senses.”

Nature is living and breathing and also in a constant state of renewal. Furthermore, it is a fountain of negative ionization. When we are surrounded by a living environment, we reestablish our connection to life. Nature is not adding something positive to our lives; it allows us to reconnect with our natural selves and shed the negative influences we are constantly surrounded by and accumulating.

Food grown and produced naturally is concentrated nature. When we eat without doing other things, we receive the physical, energetic, and spiritual nourishment from the food.
Step 1 in the 7 Steps for Strengthening Health is to sit down to eat without doing other things. For most, this first step seems to be the most challenging. Once achieved, however, it’s the most beneficial and creates the strongest foundation for developing our health and life. We can reconnect with nature and ourselves through daily health practices. There are three things you can do everyday either alone, or while engaging in quiet conversation with family and friends.

3 Things for Daily Connection

—Eat at least one meal every day without doing other things, such as reading, watching tv, or working.
—Walk outside for thirty minutes a day without any gizmos.
—Gently rub your body for 10-15 minutes with a warm cloth separate from a bath or shower.
Bonus: Spend time in Nature on a regular basis.