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10 Naturally Refreshing and Healthy Foods and Beverages

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Traditional diets have a variety of foods and beverages that are naturally refreshing and healthy. Almost all healthy diets have a high moisture content from cooked grains and beans, vegetables, soups, fruits, and fermented foods. The modern diet with staples such as meat, poultry, eggs, cheese, and baked/fried foods, is a very dry diet [...]

How to Eat Your Sweets and Become Even Healthier

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Sweet Vegetable Soup, photo by Susan Waxman   Craving sweets is usually associated with emotional satisfaction. We often feel guilty indulging our taste for sweets. Craving sweets may not be such a bad thing. Sweet is the most important and healthiest taste, followed by salty and sour tastes, [...]

Cravings, A Search For Balance

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I’d like to offer a physiological perspective on cravings and how to work with them. Cravings are a way our body communicates with us. They are a way we seek balance and align with nature. For example, warm, dry weather makes us thirsty. There are two main types of cravings. 1)  Intense cravings. Unsatisfied [...]

Recommendations for PMS

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PMS is part of a cycle of hormones--expansions and contractions. Being aware of where you are in your cycle, what you’re eating and how you’re feeling as a result can guide you with managing PMS.  During ovulation, hormones are causing contractions to release an egg. The other half of the cycle, hormones are building and [...]

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