These days we are advised to reduce stress and uncover the childhood traumas that interfere with our present happiness. The mind-body relationship and the effect of emotions on our health are now scientific fact. Although there have been many positive changes and discoveries, I wonder if all this new awareness has given us more happiness, freedom or control of our lives.

We have developed a tendency to look outside of ourselves rather than inside for the answers. It is easy to follow new trends as they come along and wait for the okay from science or medicine before we change.

It seems to me that we are only creating smokescreens that mask the real issues. It is always easier to try to change or blame someone else rather than ourselves. Yet we limit our own natural ability by doing this.

Real change comes from inside. As we change ourselves the world around us changes. We already have the necessary tools to create these changes. The proper use of diet, activity and lifestyle will strengthen our ability to direct our lives in a positive direction.
Strengthening Health Macrobiotics provides the seven steps to help us do this. When we practice the seven steps, we improve health conditions ranging from the more minor, such as psoriasis, to the more serious, such as cancer, heart disease and everything in between.

It is time to take our places as real people on this planet, penetrate the smokescreens and create a new view for us all.