In Oriental medicine and diagnosis opposites show and regulate each other. The night or sleep is a reflection of the quality our diet and activity during the day. Our ability to experience deep and refreshing sleep is an important condition of good health.

A recent article published in the New York Times stated that an increasing number of women are turning to medications to help them sleep. This approach tends to take its toll on our health over time. There are healthier and more natural ways to have a good nights sleep than taking medications. A good diet and eating habits together with a balance of physical and mental activity leads to deep and nourishing sleep.

There are three main types of sleep problems. The first is difficulty falling asleep, especially before midnight. This is usually caused by drinking excess liquids or eating too many watery foods or sweets. The second type where you can fall asleep and then wake after midnight is the opposite. It is caused by eating too many animal foods, well cooked and hard-baked or dry foods.
Finally, there is a third type where you wake around 4 or 5 am. This is a combination of the first two types.

In “The Great Life Diet” I discuss the essentials of creating a healthy diet, eating habits and activity. These practices will help you get the deep and refreshing sleep we all desire.