Our body renews itself and changes in many ways, The first way is with our blood plasma, the liquid portion of blood, which renews itself every ten days. Our white blood cells renew themselves every two or three weeks. Then we have our red blood cells which typically renew themselves every 28 days. Finally, our entire body renews itself every seven to eight years depending on whether you are a man or woman (seven for women and eight for men). Women have the ability to renew their bodies more quickly than men do.

Although our skin renews itself every twenty-eight days and can only be twenty-eight days old, why do people get dry skin, blemishes, roughness, cracks and wrinkles? If the skin cannot get proper nourishment, it cannot renew itself efficiently and then we say our skin is aging, The reason that our skin cannot renew itself properly is because it is clogged by fat and then moisture and oils cannot pass through to renourish it. Therefore it starts to age.

This is why one of the Seven Steps of Strengthening Health Macrobiotics is to do the body rub, every day, first thing in the morning, last thing at night, or both. The body rub is done with a hot wet towel, separate from the bath or shower. A cotton cloth is dipped into a sink full of hot water and then the entire surface of the skin is gently rubbed (with the weight of your hand) for about ten minutes. This opens up our pores so that our skin can do its job. Our skin is our body’s largest organ. When our skin is unclogged our circulation improves and many kinds of health problems, from cancer to heart problems to obesity, can be improved.

As we improve our own circulation and health, we can strengthen the health of the planet. Please do a body rub today.