Most of us get an idea of order and stability from our family and home life. If you were fortunate to grow up in a family that was very loving, caring, nourishing and very stable, stayed in the same place for a long time and had an interesting kind of life, then from that you get a kind of confidence that enables you to go out. You get a kind of vitality and a kind of openness that enables you to go out and live your life, be creative and do things. It creates an openness.

However, if your family life wasn’t very supportive or wasn’t stable, or pushed you down, then automatically we have some kind of insecurity or some kind of protectiveness or a loss of vitality that restricts our ability to go out, to be open, to be creative and develop our life and create it in the way that we like.

Our family is one thing that is different for everyone. Everyone’s experience of growing up with their family is a little bit different. Some experiences are a little better and some a little worse. If your upbringing is too good and too supportive that is not great either because we might become over-nourished and over-spoiled and lose our ability.

If someone is brought up without good quality order and harmony and would like more vitality and openness, and to lead their lives well, then the seven steps of strengthening health macrobiotics are a valuable tool. Practicing the steps brings us into alignment with nature and makes our lives more orderly. From this order comes increased confidence, vitality and creativity.

It is never too late to change!