There is nothing in this world that is one sided. Everything contains its opposite. We have come to think that health is good and sickness is bad. The approach is, “If you are healthy, fine, if you are sick get rid of it. Let’s take the sickness away.” However, if we think about this, it looks different. Before you decide if health is good and sickness is bad, let’s consider day and night. What if we thought “the day is good and the night is bad. Let’s get rid of the night. Let’s just keep the day. The day is warm, the sun comes out, the shops are open, people are out, you can do things. At night it is cold, dark, the shops are closed, strange people come out, strange insects come out. The night is no good, we can’t do things, let’s get rid of the night.”

That is very strange even to think about! But is it any stranger than thinking “health is good and sickness is bad”? or “Let’s just get rid of sickness”? This may require some thought, especially if a health concern is present.

Everything is moving. Everything is in a state of change. A more realistic situation is that we move towards sickness or we move toward health, day by day. If we practice the seven steps of Strengthening Health Macrobiotics, we are automatically moving toward health, and we won’t have to worry about ideas like keeping day and losing night.