lifestyle and fertility are related

lifestyle and fertility are related

There are three stages of fertility. First is the ability to become pregnant. The second is having a healthy full-term pregnancy and natural childbirth (from a macrobiotic perspective this means without the aid or use of drugs), and the third is raising a healthy child. All three of these stages are in danger or compromised today. Fertility has been steadily declining. 1/3 of these issues are attributed to women, 1/3 to men, and 1/3 either a combination of issues in both partners or is unexplained. There is a lack of understanding of what a healthy pregnancy is, and pregnancy is treated more like an illness than a natural part of life. And thirdly, the guidelines or advice for a healthy diet and lifestyle for children are either absent or wrong.

Fertility is a natural expression of health. With a healthy couple, fertility is present without effort; waiting for the right time is more of an issue. However, a broadly varied plant-based diet with different and varied food preparations ensures fertility for most men and women.

The three main challenges for fertility

—The modern diet interferes with all aspects of fertility.
—A chaotic lifestyle also interferes with fertility. Both orderly diet and lifestyle provide the full range of nutrients needed for a healthy pregnancy and childbirth. They also set the stage for the mother to provide abundant, healthy milk for the baby. Orderly diet and lifestyle further maintain healthy digestion and creates a balanced hormonal system, which is largely absent from modern society.
—A lack of natural activity and contact with nature is another part of the modern challenge with fertility.

The vast majority of issues or problems can be remedied with dietary and lifestyle changes. The next couple of entries will focus on creating a degree of health that nurtures fertility, childbirth, and raising healthy children. Stay tuned.