detail of open kitchen cabinet with cans of beans

The meal is an anchor that brings stability to our life everyday. It is a binding force that creates and strengthens our connection to all of life, each other, and our food.

To receive the most out of our food, we can focus on the quality of its preparation which has two aspects. Good cooking begins with a clean, orderly, and well-organized kitchen. Creating and defining a space for preparing food well helps with planning meals and the creative process of cooking itself. This combined with the health and vitality of the person preparing the food creates a deep and satisfying nourishment.

When food is served, it is best to give the food space; it is similar to framing and displaying a work of art. Giving enough space for the food allows you to eat less and be more satisfied with each dish and the meal as a whole. If you feel too full or struggle to finish a meal, it may be an indicator that the serving was overcrowded.

The best health and enjoyment comes from eating until we feel satisfied, but not full. This is the advantage of having each dish that composes a meal be distinct. Another good piece of advice for eating comes from the wisdom of the happy and long-living people of Okinawa: Eat until 80% full.

The intention of the person receiving a meal also affects how well we are nourished. It is best to be present with the food you enjoy, and the group you enjoy it with. Chewing, eating slowly, and remembering to breathe helps establish a peaceful rhythm that provides a break from the hectic pace of modern life. This is something we can look forward to with regularity everyday.