Helen Stevenson was a dear friend for many years. She passed on July 16 and she is missed already. Helen had a gentle smile and a wacky sense of humor. She also had a sharp tongue when needed and an ability to just shrug things off after.

We became friends when we sat next to each other on an Amtrak train to Harrisburg to fight the Dietician’s Licensure Bill around 1986. Being a Number 6 like me in 9 Star Ki Astrology, I found her a little intimidating at first and was a little nervous about sitting next to her on the train for the next hour. They say that Number 6 is the most intimidating number. By the time we arrived in Harrisburg, her warmth, gentleness and humor had shown through and that train ride was the beginning of a long and close friendship for the next 25 years.

Helen was more than a friend. She was a member of my family and was designated as the “surrogate granny” of my children with Melanie. She was part of birthdays, holidays and vacations. Helen was also a good listener and a good advisor. She was my client and student and also my friend and mentor at the same time. I found her common sense and calm guidance invaluable over the years. My love and admiration for her will be shared by many.