The temperature has been high lately. When it is hot, it is more easy to be hot-blooded! If someone is feeling too emotional, we describe them as too hot, excited, off-balance, volatile or irrational. We can also think of that person as being too wet or wishy washy or overflowing. However we describe them, one thing is clear: for emotion, we need liquid! The liquid can be internal or external. If you want to have an emotional trip, you go to Venice or Niagara Falls or to the sea. You usually choose a place where there is liquid – some canals, water flowing, a lake, the seashore.

Another way to feel more emotional is to use temperature, to go to a warmer place. Finland is a great country but not associated with arias. For emotions we need a higher temperature. If someone is passionate we call them hot. That means they have a lot of temperature, a lot of heat. Similarly, fire is very romantic. It brings more heat and activity to the environment. An electric heater is not very romantic.

We also use fire. More fire in cooking activates emotions as well. Whether it is fire in cooking or in the environment, both have that effect. Stimulants like coffee are the same. In Southern countries they make espresso very well. Since it is roasted, there is a lot of fire energy there, and furthermore it is made under pressure. When you drink espresso, a lot of energy or emotion is produced!

I hope you have enjoyed this discussion and not become too heated up.