When you prepare foods, it is very important to use all of the recommended cooking styles, because each one starts to draw different aspects out from the food. For sauteed vegetables, you use a high flame, a little oil and cut-up vegetable and some salt. You turn them so they cook evenly. This high flame and the turning of the vegetables makes your energy very active. Nutritionally, because the temperature is higher, it brings out different nutritional aspects from the food. Even if you water-saute (saute with water instead of oil) the vegetables taste much richer than they do when you steam them. This is because when you water-saute, this activity and also the higher temperature, even though it is done in water, starts to bring out more protein from the vegetables. It gives a richness and more strength than steamed vegetables do. Steamed vegetables, steamed greens, do not make you strong. But if you saute greens such as broccoli, you bring out more richness, actually more protein.

It is more physically oriented, more strengthening in that way. The brightness that you get when you saute vegetables is very different than the brightness from blanching. It is also bright, but not in such a clear way and has a richer color. It makes our energy active with a kind of richness.

We can change our energy and level of health by the food we eat.