Vickie KovarIn 1990, I was just 30 years old and diagnosed with an astrocytoma brain tumor. The tumor was so large and so intermeshed in my left temporal lobe that the doctors were only able to retrieve a biopsy for diagnosis. The biopsy was malignant with a grim diagnosis: nine months to live.

When my sister brought me a book in the hospital called “The Cancer Prevention Diet” by Michio Kushi, somehow I knew this was the beginning path to macrobiotics, and to changing my life forever. In Kushi’s book, I read the chapter about brain tumors and how they come about due to the foods we eat and the lifestyle we choose. I was text perfect of what not to eat.

Coincidentally, the next day my girlfriend comes to my hospital bed with macrobiotic food and yet another life changing book. In this book, “Recalled by Life” Dr. Anthony Sattilaro mentioned a macrobiotic counselor in Philadelphia—Denny Waxman. The pull was too strong for me to ignore the signs that macrobiotics was the way to my cure.

As soon as I was released from the hospital, I went to see Mr. Waxman. During the initial consultation, Mr. Waxman was able to diagnose the cause and what to add and eliminate from my diet. In addition, I attended macrobiotic cooking classes and was able to transform my style of cooking. It wasn’t easy changing my cooking style, but I was determined to live and believed this was my best avenue.

And yes, it was! Within one year, my tumor was gone and the doctors saw it as miraculous.

Thank you Denny for teaching me and being there for me.