Christina CampionHarry Hart and Loretta Quarter introduced me to macrobiotics in 1986 in the UK. Their compassionate, generous, aware nature so deeply impressed me that I was inspired to study and have for myself and family the practice of macrobiotics. They gifted me with George Ohsawa’s little book and so I began my newfound journey of discovery and adventure.

Although I understood some things about my disorder through my studies, I did not understand that the disorder I experienced at various periods of my life was being exacerbated by my pathological interpretation of the preparation of food. After a new round of rotating anorexia and bulimia set in I was very afraid I was going to die at age 32. After several consultations with various senior macrobiotics counselors, at 78 pounds, I was finally strongly recommended to Denny Waxman in the Autumn of 1989 at the East West center in London.

The very first words that Denny spoke to me made perfect sense; he was the first person to accurately diagnose that I had hypoglycemia. That same day I began following his recommendations and on tasting the first dish of food prepared from his recommendation, I immediately started to feel better. The results of his initial and follow-up recommendations in the first year miraculously brought me slowly and carefully to a new place of health and well-being.         Since then, over the past 23 years, Denny’s wisdom and common sense suggestions continue to support, inform and help me in so many ways. I honestly believe that his initial advice helped me really understand my condition and therefore, saved my life. I continued my education with the Strengthening Health Institute. Denny is one of the most generous people I have ever met and has a simple, straight forward, no-nonsense way of presenting information along with some good humor. Following his recommendations to the best of your ability will surely begin to change you for the better.