My husband and I were highly referred to Denny Waxman and macrobiotics by a trusted friend in Los Angeles. I am 36 and was diagnosed with cervical dysplasia and had an abnormal pap smear. I was also having trouble getting pregnant. My husband was having significant hip problems and doctors were also recommending surgery for him.

We flew to Philadelphia to meet with Denny and in less than two months of following his advice and a macrobiotic lifestyle (as well as attending SHI’s Intensive), my pap smear is back to normal, my cervical dysplasia gone (no surgery necessary!), and my husband’s hip problems have virtually disappeared.

While we are not surprised, we are both very relieved and have fully adopted macrobiotics as a new lifestyle choice and believe that pregnancy is in our near future. We are both very grateful to Denny for his wisdom, advice, and support.