In the spring we considered blood quality and emotions. You don’t have to think a lot about these things to practice them. Everyone knows, consciously or unconsciously, how to change their blood in order to affect their emotions. For example, we all have certain foods and drinks we rely on to create some type of emotional response. If you want to go out and have a romantic meal, you know what type of food, what type of restaurant, you are going to choose because automatically you know that when you start to eat or drink certain things, you start to feel a certain way! There are certain foods on which we rely for that. That’s amore!

If we want to quickly pick up our energy and be more outgoing, there are certain other foods we will choose. If we plan a party, there are certain traditionally accepted snacks we know will make people more social and active. They will talk more and be chatty and feel happier from eating these foods. Doritos were not an accident.

If we don’t want to face something that is coming up, we have other foods we will choose. They are more dulling and block us from that experience. These are things everyone knows. At the same time, If you feel happy, your blood starts to become more alkaline. If you laugh this is also true. Everyone knows that laughter is the best medicine! When we take certain foods, we create our blood. These foods generate certain emotions, which in effect are helping to return our blood to balance.

For example, if you take sweets, for a while you feel more happy, and your blood is more excessive. Then through that happiness, that laughter and activity, you are helping your blood return to normal. On the other hand, if you feel or experience some negative emotion, you change your blood. If you have a shock about something, instantly your blood starts to turn acid. If you get angry, it makes your blood more acidic. It makes your blood boil!

Happy and unhappy emotions have the effect of either improving or weakening the quality of our blood so please go watch a funny movie! For your health.