For years Steve’s diet consisted of steak sandwiches, pizza, pasta, bagels, cheerios, bananas, ice cream and donuts…We began counseling with Denny Waxman…The first change I noticed was that his breath became pleasant and clean-smelling. Next, chronic dandruff cleared up. Then his high cholesterol normalized and never went back up. He calmed down, but kept his energy and enthusiasm. He also gradually and effortlessly lost 50 pounds, balancing out at 160, his ideal weight.
As he lost weight and continued the diet, I noticed that Steve engaged in activities with more confidence and clarity. He confided that he was proud of how he felt, moved and looked.
He began to enjoy the food more and more.

Denny Waxman’s counseling during those years was crucial to both Steve and myself. I credit Denny’s guidance and the diet for bringing stability and a sense of confidence and well-being into Steve’s life. Denny gave us purpose, direction, clarity and hope. His support carried both of us through a very difficult time.

As a result of working with Denny Waxman, the following changes took place for Steve:
• Lowered and normalized Cholesterol
• Weight loss (Steve had bordered on obese)
• Stabilized blood sugar levels
• Improvement in mood and attitude, clarity of thinking, freedom of movement, and overall well-being

Susan Heineman on behalf of Steve Gittelman, Financial Education and Tai Chi Instructor