I’ve written two blogs about breast cancer, both describing what things to do in order to greatly decrease your risk of developing it.  In Shining Light on Breast Cancer Prevention, I explained what lifestyle habits to practice, and in Pertinent Info. about your Health and Breast Cancer, I correlated the spiritual, emotional, and physical factors that contribute to the start of breast cancer.  Today I am giving you the Top 5 Risk Factors in conclusion.  Now you have more concrete tools in working towards avoiding breast cancer:

Top Five Risk Factors:

1) Irregular Menstruation & Constipation or Irregular Bowel Movements

Most women with breast cancer have either or both of these issues.  When the body cannot eliminate excess and detoxify through the kidneys, intestines or reproductive organs, this accumulation may try to eliminate through the lungs or breast.  This can set the stage for the development of cancer. Cancer can be developed through deficiency as well as excess.  To be safe from breast cancer, keep your cycles in your ovaries and bowels on a healthy schedule.

2) Eating Dairy Foods (especially with refined sugar)

Eating diary, and I’m emphasizing yogurt because I see that many people overeat yogurt.  According to Colin Campbell, casein, which is dairy protein, is one of the most potent carcinogens on the planet.

3) Excessive Emotions

The heart chakra regulates energy metabolism and circulation in the chest region.  Excessive emotion creates a pathway for inflammation.  This inflammation can be manifested in the development of cancer.

4) Lack of Emotional Expression

Since the heart chakra regulates energy, when someone shuts down due to grief, loss, and depression allows stagnation to build up in the area.  A person cannot express how they feel, therefore they cannot renew the energy locked up in their chest region.

5) Not walking outside regularly

Walking helps because it settles strengthens digestion, calms the nervous system and rebalances the body on many levels.

If you show signs of these risks factors and harbor deep concern about developing breast cancer, I can help.  Please set up a consultation with me so that I can show you how to dampen your fear of this disease.