A Message to the Macrobiotic Community

January 23, 2023

As some of you may have noticed, Denny Waxman has had limited availability recently. This is due to him addressing a health concern.

We invite an open conversation regarding this news and will be hosting a discussion within the next month to give more details about his current condition and to allow everyone a chance to hear firsthand how he is doing and further plans as they unfold.

For now, this means that Denny will not be conducting macrobiotic counseling and will not plan to hold any webinars, conferences, or other special events. However, he will continue to support his clients by transitioning his current counseling practice to his wife, Susan Waxman.

Denny, together with his wife Susan, is concentrating on improving his health. As we have more details about Denny’s condition, we will release more information.

Initially it was a huge shock, however Denny is now taking the steps to improve his health. While recognizing that we are vulnerable to illness, Denny is committed to taking time to focus on his well-being. Denny is in very good spirits. He is continuing to follow macrobiotic principles and has increased his level of rest in support of his body’s natural healing ability.

During this time, we ask that everyone please respect the privacy of Denny and his family. He will not be responding directly to emails, calls, or text messages regarding this topic at this time. And, we ask that you do not contact his family members or SHI Macrobiotics staff about this topic either.

We will be continuing to update everyone as necessary via his newsletters. If you would like to send well-wishes, you are welcome to.

Please mail any cards and letters of support to 1940 S. 10th St. Philadelphia, PA 19148

You can subscribe to Denny’s newsletter here: https://dennywaxman.com/subscribe-to-newsletter/

Or, the SHI Macrobiotics newsletter here: https://shimacrobiotics.org/sign-up-newsletter/

Thank you for your support, understanding, and well wishes!


Denny & Susan Waxman