I’ve recently received this story from a woman, Sheron, in response to my previous entry about T. Colin Campbell and her take on The Great Life Diet. Thank you, Sheron! She writes:

There is nothing better than the balance of a Macrobiotic diet and lifestyle. I am committed to following Macrobiotics for the rest of my life even if I have to spend every minute of it in the kitchen. And, the most helpful book to come along in a long time is your The Great Life Diet.

[…] So, I do agree with you that The China Study has the supportive nutritional facts, and you have the way to put it all together. You seem to have a way of expressing the facts of a balanced diet and lifestyle in an uncomplicated way. Of all the teachers I studied with, and those whose books I have read, your understanding and presentation of Macrobiotics is the one that I can easily understand and apply.”

I am glad hearing six years after its publication that The Great Life Diet  still applies to people’s lives today, despite how quickly popular opinion seems to change regarding eating. My intention in writing the book was to offer timeless, practical and accessible advice to those seeking diet and lifestyle guidance in a way that most other diet and lifestyle books cannot offer. It is now a time when the principles set forth in The Great Life Diet can come into more scientific consideration.

I’m just going to share some simple things with you in certain circumstances to help you get started on issues related to health and diet.

For those of you who are not going to change your diet, but have interest in improving overall health, consider:

1. Taking Time For Meals. Pause the activities of the day when you sit down to food.

2. Take Meals At the Same Time Everyday, Especially Lunch(which should begin no later than 1p.m.)

3.Get At Least a ½ Hour Of Activity Everyday(something as simple as walking suffices)

And for those of you just beginning the transition to a macrobiotic diet, here are two things that help to do immediately:

1.    Plan Meals Around a Grain and a Vegetable

2.    Start Eating Soup

I would like to thank Sheron again for offering such a heartfelt and honest response to my query regarding The China Study and its potential to provide the impetus to empirically explore the wisdom I have been sharing.