Welcome to my testimonials page.

These stories speak for themselves about our amazing ability to heal, recover,  and embrace the spirit of health. My goal with these is to share with you stories of both hope and encouragement. I constantly marvel at how our health responds when we treat ourselves with love, care, and respect. My goal with counseling has always been to give people the tools they need to create their own lasting health through personal guidance, books and articles, and educational programs.

Many people that I have seen and helped have had problems that are becoming epidemic in our culture. Yet oftentimes, people’s experiences encourage and sustain the belief that our most common problems are irreversible. My experience and observation has shown me that carefully guided macrobiotic practice can often improve or reverse a variety of conditions ranging from being overweight, to having cardiovascular issues to infertility. I hope these testimonials demonstrate the variety of concerns that a well-guided macrobiotic practice brings into balance. I’ve observed repeatedly over the years just how many people are able to accomplish what is considered to be medically impossible.

Some people have chosen to combine macrobiotic principles with traditional medical treatments while others have used them alone. Try to find a medical professional who will support you in your healing journey. In either case, please consult with your medical professional before making dietary and lifestyle modifications.

I have organized these stories by concern.

Jack Schultz – CEO/President Jersey Shore Steel: Green Steel Manufacturer (knee recovery)2017-09-10T06:02:08-04:00

Five years ago, I underwent a total knee replacement. My wife, Carole, is very careful concerning her diet and she suggested that I exercise the same discipline concerning my diet as well. Under the direction of Denny Waxman, and with the help of his wife, Susan, and Carole, a healing diet was recommended.

I remained in Philadelphia for six weeks, doing my exercises and watching my diet. After the initial six weeks, my surgeon and his staff were so pleased with my progress that they felt it was unnecessary for me to return to Philadelphia for the normal twelve-week post-op check-up. When I returned to Williamsport to continue my therapy, the therapist inquired where I had the operation since she had never seen anyone recover as quickly as I had. I attribute my quick recovery, my loss of forty pounds, and the fact that I was able to get off the pain medication so quickly, to the discipline I followed concerning my diet.

Christina Campion, on behalf of her daughter, Cleandra (menstrual issues)2017-09-10T06:02:08-04:00

Christina CampionI must write and share a huge thanks for the latest macrobiotic “miracle.” I have been praying for years that I might be able to help guide my daughter to understand herself better through macrobiotics. After following Denny’s recommendations for two weeks, Cleandra has just had a migraine-free menstrual period for the first time in four years!

Even after only a few days after meeting with Denny she said to me that she was feeling really well and better than she has in years. Her skin color and texture was improved. Wed, her husband, said he had been skeptical, but upon seeing how much happier and healthier she is, he is changing his mind. Thanks so much.

Trudi Pier (Hashimoto’s)2017-09-10T06:02:08-04:00

From Brownies to Brown Rice

Trudi Pier        For years, I had numerous problems with my digestive tract. My mother used to refer to it as “nervous stomach.” I always leaned towards sweets; brownies were my favorite. Every time I ate them though, I felt lousy. In addition to my stomach problems, I also experienced bouts of depression, anxiety, and numerous upper respiratory infections. I went through life in constant acceleration mode. My doctor used to call me a racehorse.

As I grew older the problems became more severe, more chronic. I developed acid reflux, worse depression and anxiety, constant fatigue, and insomnia. I was given many different medications. Five years ago, one medication I was prescribed tore up my stomach and left me with gastroparesis, a condition where what little food you eat takes forever to digest, causes much pain, and nausea.

Eventually, I found a wise endocrinologist who discovered I had an autoimmune disease called Hashimoto’s disease, which he explained was likely the underlying cause of my many health issues. My stomach remained a disaster despite the new thyroid medication. In June 2007, I had a jejunum tube installed which allowed my body to by-pass my stomach and receive liquid nutrition.

Regardless, I still felt lousy and tired. I was a mess; my thyroid remained out of control, my hair fell out, my body ached. One afternoon in late August, I was at Dunkin Donuts with my dear friend, Maureen. Ever patient and helpful she said, “Trudi, do you remember those books I loaned you three years ago about the macrobiotic diet? Just try reading about it. I really believe it will help you. You’ve tried everything else. What do you have to lose?” I finally agreed to read them.

When I was done with them, I told Maureen I would like to look into macrobiotics. After several phone calls and internet searches, I found Denny Waxman, who was only two hours away. He was the counselor mentioned in the book “Recalled by Life” by Anthony Sattilaro that I read.

I got in touch with him, told him I was sick, down to my last dollar and on my last nerve. He responded to my weariness and hesitation by telling me he would need to examine me in person, but believed macrobiotics could help me. On August 26th, Maureen and I headed to my first appointment with Denny.

He was cordial, but very professional: he asked a few questions about my health, the usual sort of thing. He then leaned in and made his examination. “Your problem is with your pancreas and lungs. This is what is causing your stomach problems. No surprise, as Hashimoto’s is an endocrine disease and my asthma had become worse. What did surprise me was that he told me he would be able to help, but I had to follow the diet he outlined for me very strictly. No meat, no dairy, no sugar—ever. I couldn’t see how he could expect me to eat rice, vegetables or anything else when I tried to explain that there was nothing that I could eat because food caused so much pain. He said the food I was eating and had been eating my whole life was the problem. He also explained how I lost my relationship with food from living off of a feeding tube for two years.

He insisted that my body would gradually heal itself with whole foods and acupuncture. He then smiled and said, “You’re going to feel so much better.” It lit a spark within me. He ordered the use of special teas, issued strict cooking instructions, moderate exercise, meals taken at certain times and to walk everyday—rain or shine. I had to be in bed early and up early. I had to replace my electric stove with a gas stove and use no microwaves. I had to chew my food at least 50 times with each bite and to take meals without multi-tasking. I was to follow the diet to the letter and to make an appointment to see him in three months.

What he started me on was the first step, which was tailored specifically for the illness I had. Japanese people feed their babies and sick old people the diet I was on consisting of brown rice milk, rice cream, and nishime vegetables.

My stomach loved my first few dishes of rice milk and it was quite surprising. In addition, I managed a cup of miso broth and some tea. The bloating and irritation resulting from liquids with gastroparesis did not happen with this diet. At first I wasn’t able to manage more than that when I unhooked the pump for the morning. Gradually, I was able to eat more. It took three weeks before I could take a second small meal around noon, which consisted of rice cream and bancha tea. I did experience bloating and pain, but to my surprise it disappeared in about an hour.

I started walking almost every day, and I was so out of shape. Over a short period I was able to walk for a half hour and eventually worked my way up to 45 minutes. The more I walked, the better I felt. I found an excellent acupuncturist. After three sessions with her, I notice a distinct difference in how I felt. Throughout this treatment and the macrobiotic diet, I really started to feel, as Denny said I would, so much better.

About a month in, I was able to include nishime steamed veggies with rice and tea at lunch time. I was able to incorporate other grains as well, such as oatmeal and millet. Dinner was still out of the question; it was still too difficult and painful.I switched to a gastroenterologist my internist recommended to me because he felt this man would be more helpful. I told the doctor, somewhat hesitantly, that I was working with a macrobiotic counselor in Philadelphia who started me on the diet. I told him how my condition had been steadily improving. I produced a copy of the basic macrobiotic food diet and the foods I was presently eating. He read it over and said to my amazement, “I don’t know who this man is, but he just saved your life.” Because I was able to manage two small meals, he cut back the feeding tube time from 18 hours/day to 14-16. After performing some routine tests and procedures he informed me that the food I was eating was what was actually healing my stomach, not the medications. He said that the diet would be an essential part of my recovery. At the end of the appointment he said, to my astonishment, exactly what Denny said, “The body will heal itself. It knows how to.”

I went into the strange world of going to bed promptly at ten p.m. an getting up at five a.m. I spent no less than four to five hours a day at the stove carefully preparing rice creams, beans, lentils, miso soups, special drinks, and teas. I began to feel much, much, better. Better than I had ever felt in my life. My mind cleared up—foggy thinking vanished.

My internist was seeing me every month to follow my progress and he noticed my weight steadily dropping. I weighed 124 pounds before the macrobiotic diet and each time I saw him, I was 5 pounds lighter. I read about people on the macrobiotic diet losing considerable amounts of weight in the first year, so I was not concerned but my weight continued to drop. It finally held at 106 pounds. I was thinner than I anticipated, but I felt great.

My endocrinologist finally reduced my thyroid medication when my levels were normal. One January and February of 2010 I found myself dipping into the candy dish telling myself that a hard candy now and then wouldn’t be a problem. It was enough to drive my thyroid levels out of the normal range. My endocrinologist made a specially compounded dose of natural thyroid for me. Instead of bumping me from 60mg to 90 mg, he ordered 75 to see if I could stabilize on that dose. I wish I could say it worked, but another blood test showed my thyroid levels to be even higher than the last test, so he bumped me to 90 mg after all. I called Denny to let him know my thyroid was giving me problems again. He recommended the changes I needed to help me get back on track.

Finally, in April, I was able to get in the third meal: rice cream, nishime squash and tea. I experienced considerable irritation and bloating for about an hour, but then it would disappear. At a visit with my endocrinologist, I was describing my progress and it was the first time I saw him smile. He said, “Trudi, you did it—you broke the cycle. You have awakened your stomach and it is now functioning.” He then cautioned me that I still had a long way to go and ordered the feeding tube for 8-10 hours a day. He also told me to stop my medications from time to time to see how my body was tolerating it. I’m still working on that.

Once into macrobiotics, I began to feel the flow of the exact right time to cook, the right time to eat and the most efficient time to get things done; I felt “in sync.” I look forward to the day when I don’t need the supplemental feeding at all. I’ve made incredible strides and now enjoy a much happier, healthier life. I no longer have any “thyroid crashes” and my energy seems boundless.

I still have a long way to recovery, but as I was making a pot of miso soup one morning, the strangeness or the situation struck me. I have a nasty autoimmune disease, which is named after the Japanese doctor, Dr. Hakaru Hashimoto, who discovered it, and I am experiencing and amazing recovery through a diet brought to this country by another Japanese gentleman, Mr. Michio Kushi. Denny was right, I have never felt better in my life and all I had to do was switch from brownies to brown rice.

Tammy Quigley (asthma and Hashimoto’s)2015-02-10T14:37:06-05:00

I discovered macrobiotics while seeking a better, healthier way of eating. Two years prior, I was diagnosed with a thyroid disorder called Hashimoto thyroiditis and also struggled with seasonal asthma. I took macrobiotic cooking classes in my hometown with Phyllis Reynolds. The classes were very helpful, but I needed to know what I needed to eat more specifically.

Phyllis recommended Denny Waxman to me and I immediately set up an appointment. After seeing Denny Waxman the first time, my asthma symptoms went away immediately. My thyroid symptoms have improved greatly as well. Denny got me on track with food and home remedies that helped combat my health issues and made me feel, and look 100% better.

After going to Denny a few times, I decided to join the Certification group to gain a better understanding of macrobiotic cooking, macro-food 101, philosophy, and shiatsu. These were the tools I needed to balance myself so that I could balance my family and teach them better food choices so they would have a healthier future.

Taking the Certificate course has changed my life for the better. Macrobiotics has made me live more mindfully, think more mindfully, and has given me a new look at life through the word “energy”. I am now feeling so much better health-wise, thanks to Denny and his knowledge. I will continue to share the knowledge Denny and Susan have given me. I will also continue to spread the word of macrobiotics and how helpful Denny Waxman has been to my family and to me. Thank you.

Gordon Mackie (Crohn’s Disease)2015-02-10T14:30:03-05:00

Denny, my name is Gordon Mackie. Back in the early 80s, I consulted you regarding my Crohn’s disease at the East West Centre in London. The dietary and general good living advice I received from you, and later Jon Sandifer led me to lead a very full and healthy life. Crohn’s is no longer detected in my bowel. I still follow the basic principles of macrobiotics and I am forever grateful for the quality of life it has given me.

Stacey L. Cantor-Adkins – M.D. (Chronic Fatigue)2017-09-10T06:02:08-04:00

Macrobiotics saved my life. 18 years ago, I was incapacitated with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, from which I had been suffering for 14 years.  I had lost hope of ever recovering.  Then I discovered macrobiotics and Denny Waxman, and my fortunes began to change.  Denny gave me a clear direction of how I could recover my health and guided me every step of the way.  He showed me that my diet and lifestyle contributed to my illness and how, by reversing these factors, I could heal myself.  For me, it was a miracle.  With a lot of hard work, I was able to reclaim my health and my life.

Three years later, Denny guided me through a natural and healthy pregnancy and childbirth.  Afterwards, he counseled me in raising my child according to the macrobiotic lifestyle.  My son, now nearly 15 years old, is incredibly healthy, happy and vibrant.

I began to study with Denny Waxman as soon as I began counseling with him.  I completed the two-year Macrobiotic Counselor Training Program at the Strengthening Health Institute and continued with the Graduate Studies Program.  Every time I sit in his classes, I continue to be overwhelmed with inspiration and joy.  I can say from my vast experience that Denny is an educator, counselor and motivator par excellence.  With his keen intuition and his mastery of macrobiotic theory, he offers amazingly effective solutions and recommendations.  He clearly explains how macrobiotics is a way of understanding the universal laws of nature, so we can make better choices about how to direct our lives.  These macrobiotic principles can be applied to all spheres of life, including diet, activity and lifestyle, in order to achieve harmony and balance. His teachings extend far beyond individual self-healing however.  He teaches how this universal macrobiotic understanding can also be used to create practical approaches to healing environmental, societal and global ills.

Denny Waxman is a serious thinker and true visionary with a large world-view, working to promote personal and planetary health.  He is the kind of inspirational leader of which the world is in short supply.  He is uniquely poised to lead us through these troubled times, by showing us how we can rediscover our common sense and intuition to live to our full potential and create a more peaceful and joyous world.

Christina Campion2017-09-10T06:02:08-04:00

Christina CampionHarry Hart and Loretta Quarter introduced me to macrobiotics in 1986 in the UK. Their compassionate, generous, aware nature so deeply impressed me that I was inspired to study and have for myself and family the practice of macrobiotics. They gifted me with George Ohsawa’s little book and so I began my newfound journey of discovery and adventure.

Although I understood some things about my disorder through my studies, I did not understand that the disorder I experienced at various periods of my life was being exacerbated by my pathological interpretation of the preparation of food. After a new round of rotating anorexia and bulimia set in I was very afraid I was going to die at age 32. After several consultations with various senior macrobiotics counselors, at 78 pounds, I was finally strongly recommended to Denny Waxman in the Autumn of 1989 at the East West center in London.

The very first words that Denny spoke to me made perfect sense; he was the first person to accurately diagnose that I had hypoglycemia. That same day I began following his recommendations and on tasting the first dish of food prepared from his recommendation, I immediately started to feel better. The results of his initial and follow-up recommendations in the first year miraculously brought me slowly and carefully to a new place of health and well-being.         Since then, over the past 23 years, Denny’s wisdom and common sense suggestions continue to support, inform and help me in so many ways. I honestly believe that his initial advice helped me really understand my condition and therefore, saved my life. I continued my education with the Strengthening Health Institute. Denny is one of the most generous people I have ever met and has a simple, straight forward, no-nonsense way of presenting information along with some good humor. Following his recommendations to the best of your ability will surely begin to change you for the better.

Fran Verma2017-09-10T06:02:08-04:00

Fran VermaI have a wonderful story. In June 2013, I was told I had a large septated cyst on my left ovary. In addition, my left fallopian tube was swollen, very painful, and causing fevers. My CA-125 levels were elevated and the cyst had enlarged to nine cm in just four months. My doctor suggested the removal of both my ovary and fallopian tube as this was the beginning of stage I ovarian cancer. Two other doctors recommended the same treatment. I knew I didn’t want to have surgery and thought I should give macrobiotics a try.

I had an appointment with Denny on July 3rd. He told me I had some serious reproductive problems, but that it was reversible! That was the first encouraging thing I had heard! He gave me specific instructions about what to eat and vegetable cocktails to drink in the morning and evening. He said to walk and rub my body with a washcloth every day. I followed all of his instructions to the letter.

After seven weeks, I went back to my doctor and asked if I could have another ultrasound and CA-125 blood test. He agreed and assured me that cancer does not go away. The ultrasound revealed that the large cyst had COMPLETELY disappeared! My fallopian tube was no longer swollen and my CA-125 level was normal! And as a fringe benefit, my cholesterol was down almost 100 points, my thyroid medication was reduced, and I lost 20 pounds. All in seven weeks! I feel happy and energetic and feel as though I can accomplish anything now! I’m very grateful to Denny for his advice in helping me heal myself.

Vickie Kovar – Certified Rolfer2017-09-10T06:02:08-04:00

Vickie KovarIn 1990, I was just 30 years old and diagnosed with an astrocytoma brain tumor. The tumor was so large and so intermeshed in my left temporal lobe that the doctors were only able to retrieve a biopsy for diagnosis. The biopsy was malignant with a grim diagnosis: nine months to live.

When my sister brought me a book in the hospital called “The Cancer Prevention Diet” by Michio Kushi, somehow I knew this was the beginning path to macrobiotics, and to changing my life forever. In Kushi’s book, I read the chapter about brain tumors and how they come about due to the foods we eat and the lifestyle we choose. I was text perfect of what not to eat.

Coincidentally, the next day my girlfriend comes to my hospital bed with macrobiotic food and yet another life changing book. In this book, “Recalled by Life” Dr. Anthony Sattilaro mentioned a macrobiotic counselor in Philadelphia—Denny Waxman. The pull was too strong for me to ignore the signs that macrobiotics was the way to my cure.

As soon as I was released from the hospital, I went to see Mr. Waxman. During the initial consultation, Mr. Waxman was able to diagnose the cause and what to add and eliminate from my diet. In addition, I attended macrobiotic cooking classes and was able to transform my style of cooking. It wasn’t easy changing my cooking style, but I was determined to live and believed this was my best avenue.

And yes, it was! Within one year, my tumor was gone and the doctors saw it as miraculous.

Thank you Denny for teaching me and being there for me.

Sigrid Geerlings – Architect2017-09-10T06:02:08-04:00


Sigrid & Lucas            I think I might be the medical version of an X-file, which rather thrills me. I was a pretty big fan of the fictional TV series. FBI cases concerning unexplained phenomena, filed away and forgotten, were solved when Mulder appeared on the scene with a passion to uncover the truth. The truth, though, was met with quite a lot of resistance, not in the least by Scully, MD. Similarly, my carcinoma’s disappearance thanks to macrobiotics will not be included in any medical statistics or even written up in my personal medical file as such: it was deemed unexplainable by my breast surgeon. Yet the truth about the way the body can heal itself is out there.
About two years ago I had really bad migraines. My husband had been macrobiotic 20 years earlier and told me to call Denny Waxman. When I called Denny to make an appointment I mentioned my son, who was four at the time, had speech delay and a number of other vague global delay symptoms that were deemed either extremely serious or totally transitory, depending on which professional gave what opinion. My son and I both went to see Denny, and in both our cases we were helped enormously by making just the basic changes: vegetables and whole grains with most meals, no dairy, meat, or sugar. My son improved overnight! Although his speech delay is only now pretty much resolved, the other symptoms disappeared literally with weeks and months. When I (very enthusiastically) told my son’s pediatrician about his improvements and macrobiotics, she stopped writing in his chart. At every subsequent visit, she now asks me whether he drinks the recommended four glasses of milk per day.

My condition improved for a while and then came back with a vengeance: a three-week long headache, followed by a two-week long migraine, and I was tired all the time. Shortly after that, I received a bad mammogram and had a needle biopsy. I had DCIS, or Ductal Carcinoma In Situ, which is a stage 0 cancer, with III grade cell necrosis.

My medical options were a full mastectomy, with a risk of local recurrence (recurrence in the breast only) of approximately 5% after 10 years, a lumpectomy with radiation, with a 12% chance of recurrence, or a lumpectomy without radiation, which has a 30% recurrence rate. These numbers were based on a study in the 1970s on women with invasive cancer, when the standard of care was a mastectomy and the medical community wanted to establish breast conservancy as an equivalent option. Generally the same numbers apply to DCIS. The survival rate after 30 years was the same for all three options. Currently, the recurrence rate is further reduced by half with a tamoxifen, an estrogen blocking medication, if the DCIS has estrogen receptors, which mine had. And when cancer does come back, 50% comes back as DCIS, but 50% comes back as an invasive cancer. Hence, the standard of care for my DCIS was a lumpectomy with radiation followed by tamoxifen, with a recurrence rate of about 6%, more or less equivalent to a mastectomy.

A surgeon at Penn gave me a second opinion. He proposed the same treatment plan, and recommended a HER2 test. Penn has clinical trials testing the drug Traztuzumab or Herceptin, a protein blocker which is thought to decrease the chance of DCIS turning into an invasive cancer.  When I told him I wanted to try macrobiotics for six months, he allowed it, as in that period of time, my condition probably wouldn’t worsen. The very next day I received a call that they had looked at the biopsy slides again and found a suspicious looking spot that might be interpreted as an inflammatory cancer and they urged me to at least get surgery right away. I didn’t believe I had invasive cancer. I thought it was a scare tactic to convince me to go the medical route, to be on the “safe” side. At my most cynical, I thought they wanted me on board because I would make a pretty good candidate for their HER2 clinical study, being fairly young and healthy. I went back to Denny.

He explained my condition: too Yang, too much stored animal fat and bad past emotions, over-mothering (although I had a hard time accepting that, I now admit reluctantly it might be somewhat true) wreaking havoc on my gall bladder and liver mostly. And when the body tries to get rid of stored excess, it goes to a place near the surface, in my case, up to my breast tissue, although I suspect it was going down to my reproductive organs as well.

I went whole hog Macrobiotic. I took the Strengthening Health Intensive, which changed my whole being. From that weekend on I cooked gorgeous and delicious food, took walks, rubbed my skin with a damp washcloth (though never as much as I should), tried to meditate, and received amazing Shiatsu massages. I discharged.
About four months later my breast started hurting. Denny and I suspected that the metal marker left at the site of the biopsy was causing this reaction. It had to come out. The breast surgeon was rather relieved that I came in: the surgery to remove the metal marker amounted to a large biopsy or small lumpectomy essentially. By the way, I was incredibly lucky to have a surgeon who thought me rational and committed to my choices. She respected my wishes to take out as little tissue as possible. The tissue she did take out (about five months after the Strengthening Health Intensive) was completely clear of DCIS.
Before the surgery, my surgeon said, “Hey, if it’s gone, we’ll say macrobiotics cured it.” After the results came back she said, “I can’t say macrobiotics cured it. Maybe the needle biopsy removed it all, maybe it went away by itself.” She Scully’ed me and I’m sure the word macrobiotics never made it into my medical file.It’s an unexplained disappearance of cancer.

I believe…

Stanka Mrdja2017-09-10T06:02:08-04:00

Stanka MrdjaMy health has improved thanks to macrobiotics, and additional treatments including acupuncture and bioenergy healing. All of these greatly influenced the improvement of my health. Laboratorytests showed significant improvement in the function of my remaining kidney.

Thank you very much for your help.

With best regards,

I. Jung2015-02-10T10:42:18-05:00

I don’t know what to say, except that you are amazing. It has taken me years to tell you that, simply because I am so astonished by your capabilities, that any expression of thanks seems inadequate. I am still following your food recommendations and find it incredible to see the vast amount of granulation and cloud-like sacs discharge in the urine. All of your dedication and knowledge is a great gift to humanity. You surely are the best food doctor that the world could ever know. Joe joins me in wishing you every blessing and happiness in the New Year and always.

Sally Adorno Craig – Account Manager2017-09-10T06:02:08-04:00

Sally CraigMy ex-husband was given a week to live if he didn’t start chemo the very day we found out that he had an aggressive cancer already in stage IV. Needless to say, of course he did. When a friend of mine found out, she introduced me to macrobiotics. Using macrobiotics and the will of God, Denny helped my ex-husband recover from what was a very scary time in our lives. It is our belief that had it not been for Denny’s guidance and recommendations, 16 years later, my ex would not still be around today.

During my ex’s journey to recovery I, too, was counseled by Denny. I needed to find out how I should eat to create balance. When my ex and I broke up, in spite of never having felt better in my life, I let my macrobiotic practice go.I didn’t go back to my previous way of eating, but I went back and forth between being vegan and vegetarian, yet with no order to anything I was doing.

10 years later, I found myself literally falling apart, head to toe. I had Achilles Tendonitis that would not go away. My knee felt like it was going to give when going down steps and I had to hold on.My hip was feeling uncomfortably arthritic, and my fingers were stiff. I had bad breath that would not go away. My hair was falling out on a daily basis, making me feel like I would one day be an elderly lady with very little hair. To top it off, at five feet tall I was weighed 157 pounds, and nothing I did would make it come off. One day I decided that it was time to start over.

I called Denny and told him I needed help. He suggested I take the Intensive to jump start my program and refresh. He told me I came back at a good time. My first macrobiotic meal at the Strengthening Health Institute made me feel like I was home. Three days into the intensive, I got up in the morning and for the first time in months, was able to walk without pain! My Achilles Tendonitis was gone and has never returned!

I finished the Intensive and I was hungry for more. In 20 days, I lost 23 pounds! By the time I had three months under my belt, I was 118 pounds my hair had stopped falling out, my hip and knees were fine and my breath was better. I was literally transformed into a new person! So, I signed up for the CCP.                           The CCP was informative, energizing and life changing. Being with others, focusing on topics and eating the food and experiencing the energy, is not anything you can get from books. I drove eight hours each way to attend the classes once per month.

My cooking has improved tremendously. When I started, I said, if I could cook half as well as Susan, I would be happy. I recently cooked for my sisters-in-law and while I do not consider my cooking half as good as Susan’s yet (but I’m not critical of it… it’s good), my sisters-in-law found the food amazing and felt about my cooking as I feel about Susan’s! Wow. I owe it all to Susan and SHI!          Upon graduating SHI I was hungry for more! So, I signed up for another year at the program. I still have a hectic schedule and I still don’t have much support, but I know I will never go back to my old ways. My practice is far from perfect, but when I am ‘off’ I am able to get back on track by myself. I owe that to SHI!

Practicing macrobiotics makes me feel calm, happy, in control, grateful and appreciative. It has also brought me closer to my Higher Power! Studying macrobiotics at SHI is a life-altering experience. It’s one of the best things you can do for yourself!


The testimonial I have is for my father.  He is currently 97 and residing in a skilled nursing facility.

As you may recall, I had read Dr. Satillaro’s book and suggested we visit you many years ago for my mother’s condition.  She lived longer than expected, thanks to your recommendations and my father’s commitment to cook for her.

I believe my father became stronger after eating well, which he had been doing during my mother’s illness and for many years afterward.   As a child, he ate good, basic nourishing food, mostly vegetarian, in a warm family setting.  Right now, he is having memory issues but continues to be healthy and in a good humor, loved by staff and residents.

Terry Holt2017-09-10T06:02:08-04:00

Terry HoltI was already eating relatively well when I crossed paths with the first practicing macrobiotic person I had ever met. In addition to her clear-eyed, natural beauty, I was taken with her grounded sensibility and centeredness as she described the benefits she has reaped from living macrobiotically.

Following my new friend’s advice, I promptly scheduled a consultation with Denny in NYC in August 2010. That experience convinced me to try out the November SHI weekend, which in turn sold me on the yearlong CCP program.

The whole experience has been life-altering. I’ve never felt healthier or more at ease. With Susan’s guidance I’m on my way to being an accomplished cook. Acquaintances who know nothing of my macro practice routinely compliment me on my looks and on my outlook. To anyone who wants to be an active participant in their own longterm health, I’d recommend the CCP program.  In addition to volumes of practical knowledge, it’s just plain fun. I’ve made lifelong friends there, and a once-a-month Philadelphia vacation where you get to consume a variety of delicious macrobiotic food that someone else cooks is not hard to take.

Margaret “Meg” Ferrigno – Director of the Tibetan Pureland Project2017-09-10T06:02:08-04:00

Meg FerrignoI came to macrobiotics as someone who is simply grateful for health! My best friend who was also a vegetarian, yoga & mindfulness practitioner was diagnosed with cancer six years ago and I decided that in order to prevent such illness I would adopt macrobiotics into my way of life. I had already been vegan since I was a teenager and always appreciated local organic foods, but I had a lot of deeper learning to do regarding the energetics of food. I was so happy to find that one of our world’s leading macrobiotic teachers was right in Philly! And very grateful that they offered work trade and a much wider approach to the lifestyle that I had become involved with only through old books. Through the Comprehensive Certificate Program (now called the Mastering Your Health Program—“MYH”),  I learned about myself, my food and gained that deeper understanding of food energetics. Philly is lucky to have SHI and hopefully the wisdom of the macrobiotic practices will become more accessible and popular through Susan & Denny’s programs.

Barbara Hewitt2017-09-10T06:02:08-04:00

Barbara HewittI want to tell you how thrilled that I am with “The Great Life Diet.” The book has finally synthesized and simplified macrobiotics for me.I went through the levels at Kushi, went to many workshops, cooking classes and have many books. And now, thanks to youand the simplicity of your book,I can now live “The Great Life.”

Christina – Actress (cervical dysplasia)2015-02-10T10:25:52-05:00

My husband and I were highly referred to Denny Waxman and macrobiotics by a trusted friend in Los Angeles. I am 36 and was diagnosed with cervical dysplasia and had an abnormal pap smear. I was also having trouble getting pregnant. My husband was having significant hip problems and doctors were also recommending surgery for him.

We flew to Philadelphia to meet with Denny and in less than two months of following his advice and a macrobiotic lifestyle (as well as attending SHI’s Intensive), my pap smear is back to normal, my cervical dysplasia gone (no surgery necessary!), and my husband’s hip problems have virtually disappeared.

While we are not surprised, we are both very relieved and have fully adopted macrobiotics as a new lifestyle choice and believe that pregnancy is in our near future. We are both very grateful to Denny for his wisdom, advice, and support.

Nancy Wolfson-Moche – Nourishment educator, counselor, and blogger2017-09-10T06:02:09-04:00

Nancy Wolfos-ColorPrior to getting married I sought help from Denny for a few different conditions that were completely resolved after following his recommendations.  When I got married at 42, I began trying to conceive.  After several months, and after learning I was not eligible for any hi-tech fertility treatments due to my elevated FSH level, I went to see Denny. I worked closely with him and over the course of a year my FSH dropped by 25 points. Soon after that I became pregnant at age 44.  Denny guided me through a healthy pregnancy and I worked closely with him during the first few years of my daughter’s life. He was always responsive, open and highly professional. Over the following five years we worked closely to tweak and fine-tune my diet and lifestyle. With Denny’s guidance and support, I was able to have a second baby at the age of 51.
Denny is a brilliant, generous, patient and wise counselor, teacher and thinker.

John and Toini Williams – Senior Maintenance Repair2017-09-10T06:02:09-04:00

Our journey into macrobiotics started as a chance encounter in a small health foods store in 1982. I happened to overhear someone talking about a brown rice fast they had been on and how it had increased his focus and energy.  Having experimented with various fasts, I was curious, and upon inquiry was handed the book “You Are All Sanpaku.”

After reading this book, as well as ” Natural Healing Through Macrobiotics ” by Michio Kushi, it all made so much sense that I decided if I were to ever become seriously ill I would try the diet.  Fast forward to 1984, just four days after our wedding, I was diagnosed with testicular cancer.  In support of my desire to try a natural healing approach, my wife Toini went out and got a stack of books on macrobiotics including “Recalled By Life” by Dr. Anthony Sattilaro.

In this book we discovered there was a macrobiotic counselor in Philadelphia named Denny Waxman who had guided Sattilaro back to health from severe prostate cancer that had spread to his bones and brain. We went to see Denny and began a journey that transformed our lives and how we viewed health.

I followed Denny’s dietary recommendations strictly for about two years until the tumor shrank and the pain went away. At this point I felt so good I began going off the diet, but the cancer began to spread quickly. I decided that medical intervention was needed and went to Methodist Hospital in Philadelphia. I chose to go to Methodist Hospital because Dr. Sattilaro had been the president and I hoped there would be colleagues of his familiar with his case and understanding of my own. To my great fortune there were two doctors on staff who were not only familiar with Dr. Sattilaro’s case but who were also macrobiotic. These doctors were a great encouragement to me and thought it very important that I remain on a macrobiotic diet as I went through the chemo and radiation that was to follow.

Cat scans and other tests revealed that I had stage III testicular seminoma. Although the chemo and radiation halted the cancer,I reacheda point where I was told that more chemo would kill me. There were operations to remove what they could of the cancer. I was told they could not get it all and they were not sure if what they left behind was living or dead cancer tissue.

At one point the oncologist appointed to my case became very annoyed with me when I told him that I was diagnosed with the cancer two years prior. He told me that I would be dead by now because this cancer spreads like wildfire! I told him it did spread like wildfire when I went off the diet and he became very angry with this. Ironically, at this point I had a revelation as to the power of the diet. I decided to seriously return to the diet to heal.

One huge side effect of all the chemo and radiation was that I would not be able to father children. When we told this to Denny, he assured us that within about two years time of following his dietary and lifestyle recommendations, I could eliminate all the toxins and reverse this effect of the chemo and radiation.  In just a little over two years time, our first son was born on Christmas morning. Another son and two daughters were to follow, our youngest being born when we were 44 years old.

All of our children happen to be very musically gifted. At acheck-up with our third baby, the doctor asked about my medical history. When I told him about my bout with stage III testicular cancer and the treatments I had for it,he looked very confused.  He thought I had undergone the treatments after my wife became pregnant and when he found out otherwise, he was amazed and said I should write a book or send my story to Readers Digest. He stated that men who go through the treatments for this cancer cannot father children.

Although healing from cancer and fathering children when I was told I wouldn’t be able to are dramatic aspects to this story, the everyday benefits are what make up a life of transformation.   As your body heals from cancer and the toxic treatments involved, a health crisis may arise from time to time.  When this occurs, Denny Waxman is the person to turn to for advice and recommendations. His knowledge and intuition have always been amazing to me. There are three instances that come to mind:

The first instance was early on when Toini was sitting with me at a consultation with Denny. She had recently been talking to me about pain she was having in the area of her left ovary. During my consultation, Denny turned to Toini and told her to stay away from dairy and eggs as she had something going on with her left ovary.

The second time was when I had several warts growing on my hand. I had gone to see a doctor who gave me a topical treatment which worked temporarily but they grew right back. When I finally consulted Denny over the phone he gave recommendations that not only cleared them up, but they have never grown back. The third instance was when I developed a pain I was sure was a hernia. I had it checked by a doctor who sent me to a surgeon but neither could explain the pain, though they didn’t think it was a hernia. The pain persisted so I went to see Denny and once again his advice cleared up the problem. Denny’s recommendations also halted a miscarriage my wife was having with our fourth child. These are just a few examples of times when Denny’s intuition was able to help us. It is uncanny how, even over the phone he can recommend a drink or dish that will eliminate physical problems.

Our seventeen year old daughter recently said she feels confident she can deal with most everyday illnesses herself using her knowledge of diet.

I feel truly blessed to know Denny Waxman and I am grateful that he dedicated his life to the study of macrobiotics and strengthening health.

Susan Heineman on behalf of Steve Gittelman – Financial Education and Tai Chi Instructor2017-09-10T06:02:09-04:00

Steve was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s at age 57. For years his diet consisted of steak sandwiches, pizza, pasta, bagels, cheerios, bananas, ice cream and donuts.

After the diagnosis, he agreed to change his diet. We chose macrobiotics instead of anti-depressants, anti-psychotics, or any other medicines usually prescribed for Steve’s condition. We decided to explore the macrobiotic path because I was familiar with the benefits. We began counseling with Denny Waxman. Steve followed the recommendations because I was caring for him and he hoped the food would help him.

The first change I noticed was that his breath became pleasant and clean-smelling. Next, chronic dandruff cleared up. Then his high cholesterol normalized and never went back up. He calmed down, but kept his energy and enthusiasm. He also gradually and effortlessly lost 50 pounds, balancing out at 160, his ideal weight.

As he lost weight and continued the diet, I noticed that Steve engaged in activities with more confidence and clarity. He confided that he was proud of how he felt, moved and looked. He began to enjoy the food more and more.

Denny Waxman’s counseling during those years was crucial to both Steve and myself. I credit Denny’s guidance and the diet for bringing stability and a sense of confidence and well-being into Steve’s life. Denny gave us purpose, direction, clarity and hope. His support carried both of us through a very difficult time.

As a result of working with Denny Waxman, the following changes took place for Steve:

  • Lowered and normalized Cholesterol
  • Weight loss (Steve had bordered on obese)
  • Stabilized blood sugar levels
  • Improvement in mood and attitude, clarity of thinking, freedom of movement, and overall well-being
Tanya Bojanic2017-09-10T06:02:09-04:00

I discovered macrobiotics about 25 years ago. It was out of curiosity, not because of an illness. Since then, I have always practiced; it keeps me healthy, fit, and looking young. I raised my three children flexibly and macrobiotically.

10 years ago, we moved away from New England and somehow lost touch with other macrobiotic friends and stopped going to conferences and seminars. That lack of support, as well as working a lot, could be why I have gradually become very yang (in my case tight and restricted). I started having skin allergies every year in late spring. It didn’t bother me much until I had an anaphylactic attack. Someone said, “Nature will always send us warnings first.” I figured that was enough warning and was also a time to admit that I couldn’t solve everything by myself, so I decided to seek help.

I got medical help with a fair share of doses of corticosteroids, tests, and antibiotics only to have my reaction return worse each time. I chose Denny Waxman because being familiar with the macrobiotic community and even personally knowing many counselors, we knew that his approach was the best.              I followed Denny’s advice and it has helped me get rid of skin allergies and inflammations. It has not been as easy as it sounds: get advice,follow it and get better. But Denny was always there for me along the way. I could contact him any time by phone or e-mail, and he would respond promptly to my many questions. However I didn’t want to be that person that calls non-stop,so as much as I could I also found the answers in his book or the materials he gave me.

If you are considering counseling services with Denny Waxman, I would highly recommend it.My advice would be to prepare beforehand as many questions as you can, and to write them down, because otherwise there will always be something you forgot to ask.

Barbara Lynn – Retired RN2017-09-10T06:02:09-04:00

Barbara LynnI went to Denny originally in the 1990s to work with allergies.  At that time I was working in a hospital and taking a daily medicine so I wouldn’t sniffle and sneeze when I was with patients.  I took medication everyday for 20 years.  I had worked with an MD allergist, who gave me environmental suggestions, which helped, but they didn’t cure the allergies and I was still on a daily medication.   Denny suggested I stop dairy, and within a few months I was allergy free, dairy free and medication free.  Wow.

I lived happily without allergies, and then moved from Hawaii to Massachusetts.  The change of seasons, which I had not experienced for 46 years, helps the body discharge.   In Spring 2013 I had an asthma attack and the inhaler didn’t help very much.  So…back to Denny.    I followed his instructions and gradually felt much better.  Now a year later I am in the Master Your Health class and learned exactly what to do for impending attacks.  The attacks do not materialize with the remedies I learned in MYH.  It feels miraculous.  Thank you, Denny!

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