Intelligence is defined as an ability to acquire and apply knowledge or skills. By that definition, I would say that macrobiotics is the most intelligent diet and lifestyle available today. As we practice, we develop a deeper connection to ourselves, nature, and all of life. We begin to experience how our actions affect the planet and those around us.

Ultimately, our life is produced by the interaction of nature between the earth and the celestial world. Our dietary and lifestyle practices help us to establish a deep connection with nature. Nature always inspires a sense of wonder, marvel, mystery, and inspiration. Nature is resourceful and resilient and constantly adapting to change. It is through aligning with nature that true intelligence and creativity within ourselves reawakens.

Some ways that a macrobiotic-style diet and lifestyle reawakens and nourishes intelligence:

-Food connects us to nature. Plant-based foods create a direct connection. Eating local and indigenous foods creates and maintains a strong connection to our local environment, to climatic, and seasonal change.
– We acknowledge our connection to all of life and express gratitude for everything that has brought the food to us. Each meal reminds us of the abundance that nature provides.
We appreciate and acknowledge the amazing contributions and discoveries of past people, their experiences, and resulting traditions. These traditions are the strongest guides to help us create a sustainable, creative, and abundant future.
-The practice becomes unique to each individual and reawakens our natural taste and appetite. In turn, we can learn how to make the best choices for our life and health.
-Nature is unique; it is endlessly growing, changing, and adapting. Connecting with nature helps us to express and develop our own uniqueness.
-Encouraging local production allows us to reawaken our experience of the changing seasons.
-It is a never ending learning process that helps develop our ability to think independently and figure things out.
-It becomes a model for scientific inquiry and discovery; science consistently follows and validates macrobiotic dietary and lifestyle practices.
-Our families and communities are strengthened through encouraging us to reconnect and share during mealtimes.
-Encourages us to return to an orderly lifestyle practice, and express an appreciation for the changing seasons and traditions.
-It becomes the ultimate anti-aging diet and lifestyle practice by providing the most abundant and healthy nourishment; people consistently look and feel younger and think more clearly as time passes.
-We have another nervous system in our gut. Healthy eating and good nutrition affects healthy thinking and creativity.
-Taking responsibility for our dietary and lifestyle practice helps us realize a greater sense of control for our own life.

Benjamin Franklin

Benjamin Franklin

Practical steps in our daily life helps us develop natural ways and methods to express our creativity. It is no accident to me that intelligent and creatives minds from the past such as Einstein, DaVinci, Emerson, and Ben Franklin had similar diet and lifestyle practices. Does your own experience validate these points?