Susan and I just returned from a trip to San Diego and Seattle. It was my first time in both cities. People have told me that San Diego has a similar relationship to LA as Philadelphia to New York.  I was totally able to relate to this analogy, well except for the beaches and weather of course.


In San Diego we got a chance to visit and stay with our two daughters who live there, Natasha and Madeline and our future son-in-law Ivan. That was actually our inspiration for planning our first West coast teaching and counseling tour in years. We had a number of meals and held our classes and counseling at the San Diego Casa de Luz, a macrobiotic restaurant and educational center. We had been to the original Casa de Luz in Austin in the past and it was fun to see their expansion.  A big THANK YOU! goes to Kathy Swasey for her generosity, kindness, and friendship in helping Susan and me.  The trip would not have been the success it was without you.


We also had a chance meet and renew some friendships. Gordon Saxe, M.D. is a long-time friend from Baltimore originally. He heads an Integrative Medical Center at UCSD. They have great plans for spreading macrobiotic education and practice. Gordon’s project is truly groundbreaking. As far as I know it is the only hospital based Integrative Medical center based on macrobiotic principles. I was very happy to learn from Gordon the effect that I and macrobiotics had on his medical career. It was also good to reminisce about the Mid-Atlantic Summer Camp that ended in the mid eighty’s.


We also had a chance to meet with Jean Richardson, the owner of Gold Mine Natural Foods. It was great to see that she and her business are doing well. Jean also sponsored nine of her employees to attend my lectures and Susan cooking classes. It was rewarding to see a business owner sponsor macrobiotic education for her employees. Jennie, Jean’s daughter assisted Susan in her cooking class and took extensive photos.


Our next stop was Seattle, a truly beautiful city. We were totally inspired by the natural beauty within and around Seattle. They told us not to tell anyone that we didn’t see a drop of rain while we were there. I came back with a tan! We were sponsored by our good friends Sophie and Pavel Dolezel in three lectures, two cooking classes, and a packed counseling schedule. We also had a chance to reconnect with some old friends.


This was an amazing trip for us to see new cities, make many new friends, and to spread our open and adaptable style of macrobiotic practice. I am excited to see many new people at our seminars at the Strengthening Health Institute.

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