The main problem surrounding the idea and practice of clean eating is that it is based on a closed process of restriction. Restriction inevitably creates imbalance, either in nutrition or satisfaction, and tends to be socially isolating. It follows that it would not lead to long-lasting health.

On the other hand, adding more and more healthy foods leads to a healthy direction and orientation over time. It also leads to a sense of adventure and excitement. If we’re eating in a healthy way, we are basically already eating clean foods. Clean foods in this case mean natural, organic, simply processed, and prepared in a healthy way. In nature, everything grows and progresses, and all of life likes to follow this pattern. Healthy eating is no exception to this.

Key points to healthy eating

— Food is to enjoy and is satisfying and pleasing to the senses in many different ways.
— The healthiest foods are the most delicious foods.
— Healthy foods and food combinations have been used for many hundreds or even thousands of years by the world’s long-standing civilizations.
— Healthy eating is based on real foods coming directly from nature.
— Oftentimes, the healthiest food products have very few ingredients.
— Healthy eating is part of a healthy lifestyle.
— When transitioning to a more healthy diet and lifestyle, focus on comfortably increasing the percentage of healthy foods into your diet.
— Extremes and excess inevitably lead to imbalances or other difficulties.
— Real health is based on rediscovering our natural appetite for delicious and healthy foods.
— A healthy meal gives us a sense of completeness and total satisfaction.