I just watched an alarming video about a hamburger that is older than some people’s pets.  It hasn’t changed shape, grown mold, or even rotted after ten years.  This is just an example of how our modern food industry doesn’t prepare food because change should be a property of food.  Age can enhance the quality of foods; think about cheese, wine, and miso.  Also, the way in which food is prepared can provide different nourishment.  Sauerkraut is more than just cabbage and sea salt because fermentation magnifies the bioavailabilty of the nutrients to our bodies.  Pickling, sun drying, cold storage, smoking are other examples of processes that bring a unique aspect to the food we eat.

Modern food processing, which was developed during WWII, takes away the enhanced quality that food could contain.  During WWII, we tried to create foods that would last indefinitely for soldiers overseas, but now we have a problem because we’ve continued on dead-food-track.  Modern food creation destroys enzymes, bacteria, oxidation, or other changes that should naturally occur within food.  To take it a step farther, the fast food industry has mastered this art of food preservation, as shown in the video, to create food that may outlive cockroaches.

In complete food, we have three types of nourishment: physical, energetic, and spiritual.

1. Physical nourishment is the gross nutrients: minerals, protein, carbs, vitamins, fats, etc.

2. Energetic nourishment is the quality of the soil and seed, how it was grown, how it was harvested, processed, stored, and prepared.

3. Spiritual nourishment means the health, attitude, and care of the person preparing the food.

All three types of nourishment are linked of course.  You cannot ingest nutrients without combining other aspects such as how the food grew, and how you received it.  When our manufactured food is created from genetically modified organisms (GMO), in unnatural soil, and prepared by a person that does not like his or her job, we are not properly nourishing ourselves.  Even though on paper the gross nutrients of our food may be the same as a meal prepared with our family, it is not the same.

Ask yourself which type of nourishment gives you the greatest satisfaction through food.

Most people respond knowing that spiritual nourishment leaves them most satisfied.


 This is real food, prepared by my lovely, hardworking, and brilliant wife: Susan Waxman.