Confused About Protein? Don’t be!

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Confused About Protein? Don’t be!


Food can be just as addictive as cigarettes.

Food can be just as addictive as cigarettes.

Article from the Telegraph UK: “High-Protein Diet ‘as bad for health as smoking'”

To paraphrase T. Colin Campbell, epigenetics controls genetics and food controls epigenetics, or how our genes are turned on or off and express themselves. According to Neal Barnard, M.D. genes are merely a suggestion. This gets to the root of many things, which also offers another powerful testament to ourselves: we are ultimately in control of the switches than can determine health or sickness. This article demonstrates a lot of the confusion created between researchers and doctors within the field of medicine.

A poor diet is more harmful than smoking; more people die of diet-related illness than do from smoking. Everyone now knows that tobacco is highly addictive and has been manufactured to become more addictive overtime, and the same thing can be said for food and food manufacturers. The sad thing is that although health craves health, it works the same way with sickness.

The problem with the article, besides the conflicting reports of analysis between researchers and doctors, was in the conclusion. After all the research about protein, the types of proteins and the types of intakes at different ages within a research population, “British experts agreed that cutting down on red meat had been proven to lower the risk of cancer but said a balanced diet was still the best option,” saying nothing about what constitutes a balanced diet!

Plant-based diets using a variety of cooking methods that include grains, beans and vegetables and other plant-based foods provides the proper balance of minerals, proteins and carbohydrates that we need to operate at optimum health and efficiency. This proper balance of protein within a plant-based diet is suitable for all ages in life, from young to old.

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Denny Waxman is an internationally recognized teacher, counselor, and writer on health, natural healing and macrobiotics.


  1. Mandy Dugas March 12, 2014 at 6:37 pm - Reply

    Hello Denny,

    I’m so happy I stumbled across your blog. I am actually in the middle of reading The China Study so I was imediately drawn in by this post. I am looking forward to reading more.

    ALSO I just came across the term Macrobiotic yesterday. I’ve never heard it before but it’s funny cuz we eat that way 99% of the time. (We eat grass fed bison and fresh caught salmon from time to time.) Thanks for writing!

    – Mandy Dugas @

    • Denny Waxman March 12, 2014 at 10:15 pm - Reply

      Hello Mandy,

      Thank you for your comments. The China Study is a great book, life-changing for many. I hope you check out my book, The Great Life Diet. It is a practical guidebook to health. T. Colin Campbell provides the science and we provide the implementation. You may also be interested in our Intensive Seminar at The Strengthening Health Institute. We have the most modern, accessible and open approach to macrobiotic practice. I also enjoyed your blog.

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